How big is think big?

A first version of the content network — just a subscribe page, nothing fancy

Started in 2009 involvement in digital content. First web projects in like 2006. In 2011 started one of the first digital content agencies in Europe. Mediawrite is the name and its like religion to me.

And its quite simple.

Its all we have to do as humanz on this earth. We are writing on a medium, in a medium, on media. We’re writing in the surrounding media or medium. Its kind of the same stuff. We as humans we’re still far from writing our own mediums, our own media.

Think about the space exploration effort. Everybody is searching for habitable mediums, but nobody thinks that is more then obviously that we need to build ecosystems on other plants not to search for habitable mediums and ecosystems.

Trophic chain is a thing in the surrounding medium that it here to sustain us. But we need to go further and build our own. Humanity is not yet able to cope with this environment, in the sense that we exceeded in distorting and consuming, but creating nothing.

Now. Getting back to big is a hell of a project that aims to build a content network. Its a 4 years challenge of mine to build a content network based on digital technologies. HTTP is one of them. I kind of target to the open internet, target the distributed internet with this project.

Unfortunately I’m not a tech guy.

But took this project many steps forward. Tried to obtain finance / investments, but nobody, surprisingly, believed a guy who said one year ago that wants to build a content network.

Mad buy? Yes. Maddens is a magic ingredient. For example, I believe to be the first ingredient to have as a professional in the creative industry. If your not mad, what the hell are you doing in creativity? Are you looking for money?

Setup in 2019 a 4 years calendar for this project, and said that in 2023 someone will be rich. Of course you have to joke. Make people think your mad, or dumb, is a way of having fun and also provoking other people to have the guts to believe in their own god damn feelings.

But anyways, as a creative, you have to be full packed with ideas, and your brain must always be in ”paișpe părți” (Romanian expression saying your something like your kind of a mindfulness mess).

What are the chances now?

For a content network, which for fuck sake is a ambitions project, in the sense that is big thinking regarding content in the digital, to go internationally or maybe to be adopted by some people as a standard in the internet communication I need help.

Unfortunately there is nobody that sees the potential in this project. Finance is the key aspect. Passion does not fuels people. They rather go 9–5 all their life instead of spending some time with their own private, selfish feelings.

Today launched the first version. Pseudo version. In January, made a video launch of the project hopping people will kind of see potential. But, as a punk-rock fun, I’ve kind of talked like a jerk in that video. So, no money and no susteinability for the unpolite punk-rockers.

So, here I am. I can do no other — probably what Luther have said.

3 month until deadline of the first version launch for Kind of very tired, given the huge effort took to create some stupid, consider now, ideaz, that 99% are unless, and also after a hung learning effort.

Big thinking requires not big thinking, but huge work.

My imagination, for sure, can do huge imaginative thinking. But not having the means to implement those ideas, I end up with tons of ideas, that nobody wants, willing to evaluate, etc.

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