Open letter to the Red Cross Int.

International Committee of the Red Cross — ICRC — logo

I personally think is kind of dumb to try to save lives as long as politicians and military leaders dare to sign acts of military aggression or acts of war.

I’m a start-up founder Mediawrite content agency, and I try to make the NATO hi in command guys to respond to my emails in which I ask them to publish on the documents that prove the daring of some guys to kill.

My objective is to make an offer to NATO organization that they can’t refuse… for the #TheNewNATOTreaty — a initiative to build the next NATO treaty, and to unite all military forces of humanity under one international military treaty content.

I’m trying to do a little lobby here, and trying to make them accept the offer of my content startup Mediawrite.

That’s how I came up with the content marketing campaign on this page:

So the questions is: can I have your support on this?


PS — I’ll get back with a explanatory video

#content #startup #military #contentstrategy #contentmarketing




Started first digital content agency in Romania.

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Started first digital content agency in Romania.

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